Text Box: Copyright © Rhodri ap Dafydd 2015.
Text Box:  History of Powys Fadog by J.Y.W.Lloyd 1816 ~ 1887.

 History of the Princes of South Wales by G.T.O.Bridgeman 1876.

The Royal Tribes of Wales, by Philip Yorke (1743 ~1804) 1887 edition.
This edition was produced long after Phillip Yorke’s death in 1804 but it includes the work he did on the fifteen tribes after his first publication in 1799. 

Shropshire Genealogies by Mr. George Morris Circa 1836.
This is a series of 8 volumes of hand written pedigrees which are kept at the Shropshire Records & Research Centre in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. They have been put on to Microfilm in recent years and are also available in the Research Centre.

A History of Wales from the earliest times to the Edwardian Conquest. 
 By Sir. John Edward Lloyd 1911.

 The History of Wales by the Rev. William Warrington 1786.

 The History of Wales by B.B.Wooward B.A. 1852.

 The Dictionary of Welsh Biography Down to 1940. Under the Auspices of The 
 Honorable Society of Cymmrodorion. 1959.

A Pedigree of the Royal Tribes of Wales by Roderick D. Davies 1999.
This is now out of print but if you need any further information try the link below.

Since the creation of this site and the update of 2008 I have managed to view the following works which have proved to be very useful indeed.

Welsh Genealogies AD 300 to 1400 & AD 1400 to 1500
By Peter C. Bartrum 1974 & 1983.

The Development of Welsh Heraldry Volumes I to IV
By Michael Powell Siddons.
Pricipal Sources, Useful Books & Links.HOME100. Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. The National Library of Wales. Aberystwyth.Text Box:  Useful Libraries & Research centers.
Text Box: Shropshire Archives, Castle Gates, Shrewsbury
Text Box: The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.
Text Box: Another recent publication by Roderick D. Davies is 
“Kynaston, the Descendants of Gruffydd Kynaston fo Cae Hywel”
For further information please follow the link below.
Text Box: An upcoming publication also by Roderick D. Davies is 
“The Sheriffs of Shropshire”
For further information please follow the link below.