HOMEThe Royal TribesText Box:      The First Royal Tribe begins with Gruffydd ap Cynan. He was the son of Cynan the son of Iago King of Gwynedd and  Ranhull the daughter of Olaf King of Dublin, King of Mann & the Isles. After His victory at Mynydd Carn in 1081 Gruffydd became King of Gwynedd, soon after, he was betrayed and imprisoned for twelve years. In 1094 he made another attempt to reclaim his inheritance but it was not until 1098 that He finally succeeded. He ruled Gwynedd until his Death at the age of 82 in 1137, he was buried at Bangor. His Successor was his son Ywain Gwynedd.
Text Box:      The Second Royal Tribe begins with Rhys (I) ap Tewdwr. He became King of Deheubarth in 1078 and was killed whilst fighting the Normanís in 1093. Rhys ap Tewdwr was the Grandfather of The Lord Rhys.
     The Lord Rhys (Rhys ap Gruffydd) ruled Deheubarth (most of South Wales) from 1153 to 1197. He campaigned against further incursion by the Norman's and earned his notable place in history.
Text Box:      The Third Royal Tribe begins with Bleddyn ap Cynfyn. He became joint Ruler of Gwynedd & Powys with his Brother Rhiwallon in 1063 upon the death of his half Brother Gruffydd ap Llewelyn. He became sole Ruler when Rhiwallon died in 1068. Bleddyn was Murdered at Powys Castle in 1075. He was succeeded by three of his seven sons who jointly ruled until 1088 when Maredudd became the sole ruler until his death in 1132. His son Madog ap Maredudd became the first prince of Powys Fadog (Northern Powys) whilst his younger son Gruffydd ap Maredudd became the first prince of Powys Wenwynwyn (Southern Powys).
Text Box:      The Fourth Royal Tribe begins with Iestyn ap Gwrgant. He succeeded to the Thrown of Morganwg as its last King in 1081. He died in 1093.
Text Box:      The Fifth Royal Tribe begins with Elystan Gloddrudd. He was Earl (sometimes styled as King) of Hereford & Gloucester and by conquest King of Fferlix. 
     His son Cadwgan reputedly lost Hereford & Gloucester to William I.
     The succeeding generations became the Lords of Radnor, Ceri, Maelienydd & Elfael.
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