Rhodri ap DafyddText Box:      This site is primarily set out to give some history to some of the individuals that make up the Royal & Noble Tribes of Wales.
     The Tribes are inseparably bound to the early history of Wales and the majority of individuals who claim Welsh decent are descended of the Tribes of Wales.
     According to George Morris in his Shropshire Genealogies (Circa 1836) their were five Royal Tribes, Fifteen Noble Tribes of North Wales & the Tribe of March.
     I shall endeavor to shed further light on the tribes as this site grows.
     Much of the information that I have gathered has been from old books & Manuscripts some of which I shall mention later on. If you have any information which I may have missed out or got incorrect please let me know at the address at the bottom of this page.

     The coats of arms used on this site were used to represent the Tribes long after some of them had been formed & would not have been used by the individuals described. This is because the use of Arms did not become regular till the Middle Ages.
      The arms at the top of this page are purely a representation of the Arms of some of my ancestors they are not however an official coat of arms.
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