Text Box:      Tudor Trevor the Earl (sometimes styled King) of Hereford & Gloucester appears as the head of the Tribe of March Which has sometimes been referred to as the Sixteenth Tribe. Tudor was a descendant of the early Kings of Powys, he married Angharad the daughter of Hywel Dda their sons were Gronwy, Lluddykn and Dyngad. Gronwy was the Grandfather of Elystan Gloddrudd fifth of the Five Royal Tribes of Wales. Lluddykn was Lord of Chirk, Oswestry, Whittington and Maelor Saesonaeg. He was an ancestor of many of the notable families of that area. Dyngad was the Lord of Maelor Gymraeg (Bromfield) and was again an ancestor to many notable families including the family of Ednyved Vychan Chancellor to Llewelyn the Great. Ednyved Vychan was an ancestor to The Royal House of Tudor.
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The Tribe of March